Commitment to Safety

Financial Strength | Commitment to Safety

Guy Yocom Construction’s commitment to safety on the job and to its employees is a key factor in the company’s dynamics and overall success. Through established safety programs and employee incentives we are able to maintain a very low incident and accident history and the numbers speak for themselves.

Safety Programs

    • Weekly Tailgate Meetings
    • Foreman Job site Safety Meetings
    • New Hire Safety Orientation
    • Generous Safety Incentives
    • Job Pre-Planning for Safety
Safety Certifications
    • Superintendents and Foreman—CPR Cert.
    • Equipment Operator Cert.
    • Qualified Safety Inspections
    • Full Time Safety & Risk Manager
    • Safety Compliance—Job site inspections
    • Over 100 Third Party Job Site Audits Annually
Safety Permits
    • Trenching & Shoring
    • Fall Protection